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Quickly insert shapes into other drawings or parts of drawings with insert-along functionality. Insert-along functionality makes it quick and easy to insert and place a similar element into many places.Save and load drawing documents from disk and link them to the Autodesk Cloud to share work across devices and platforms.Show annotations on fly with inline annotation tools, like text, arrow, and line, that can be drawn over existing drawings or new objects. Add text, arrows, lines, and polylines to your drawings with a few clicks, no new tools required.Preview and edit interactive symbols directly in the symbol editor, such as text or arrows.Use the reorder or edit tool to reorder objects and groups of objects in your drawings to simplify your drawings.Use the pick tool to select objects, groups, and annotations in your drawings.Freeze and redraw parts of drawings to help you edit the text or arrange objects over the frozen area.Edit curves and splines in 2D and splines in 3D.Use the crosshair to select closed curves or splines in 3D.Group multiple objects in a single selection to edit a single entity in a drawing.Add modeling tools directly into your drawings or open up the geometry tool directly from the command bar.Use the selection tools to select objects and groups of objects in your drawings, including intersecting objects, similar objects, and combinations of similar and intersecting objects.Use the list and grid tool to select objects by type, such as all lines, all surfaces, all edges, or all text.A powerful search feature helps you find specific drawing information such as blocks, blocks with a certain text, text strings in all drawings, or search through all drawings in your project folder.Supports a variety of drawing types, including DWF files, including DWFx, PDF, and BMP, as well as DGN, CAD, and DWFx files with exchange formats.Integrates all Autodesk technology that provides access to the design tools you use to edit drawings. For example, use the AutoCAD command set to send and receive 2D/3D drawings from other applications, such as AutoCAD LT, AutoCAD Civil 3D, 2be273e24d


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