Reflect, Restore, Renew 2018

A residential weekend retreat for parents whose baby or child has died. 

Following the success of last year’s retreat, we were delighted to host our second retreat which took place on 6th and 7th October 2018.

As bereaved parents ourselves we know that grief can be the hardest subject to talk about. Grief can be a very lonely and isolating journey and we benefited greatly from speaking to other bereaved parents. Since setting up Teddy’s Wish, we have been passionate about supporting a retreat to give bereaved parents the opportunity to have time away , to connect with their lost child and each other.

About the retreat:

The retreat was held in the beautiful, natural setting of St Katharine’s Parmoor in Buckinghamshire and was facilitated by our wonderful patron and founder of Child Bereavement UK ,Jenni Thomas along with Nicki Whitworth, founder of SLOW (Surviving the loss of your world) 

Many of us fear losing our connection with our children who have died. The weekend gave parents the opportunity to take time out for themselves, to connect with their baby in a meaningful way and share their child’s story with other bereaved parents. It allowed parents to reflect on their experience of loss and the impact it can have on relationships and our world.

The sessions throughout the weekend included group therapy, mindfulness, meditation and gentle yoga as well as time for outdoor exercise. Aromatherapy massages were also offered to all parents.

Here are some comments from parents who attended this year:

“I felt still, calm, cared for and amongst kindred spirits”

“I felt unbelievably lucky and privileged to be in this cocoon of understanding”

“It was wonderful to be able to press ‘pause’ on normal life and feel a closeness to Evan. All the activities worked perfectly”

“More than anything I was struck by the incredible peace that comes from being with people who completely understand what you have been through”

“I felt 100% supported. There was always space and time to talk to others…keep doing what you’re doing. These retreats are so important”

Jess who writes a blog called The Legacy of Leo has shared her experience of the weekend which can be read here:

All costs were funded by Teddy’s Wish. We are now planning our next retreat –  if you are interested in attending or if you have any questions please email or