Teddy’s Wish and The Brun Bear Foundation

Teddy’s Wish is delighted to announce a partnership with The Brun Bear Foundation.  Proceeds from the sales of their children’s book “The Adventures of Brunhilfer & Brunfin: The Flood” will be directed to Teddy’s Wish.

About the book:

The Adventures of Brunhilfer & Brunfin: The Flood is an enchanting story about two very special bears – Brunhilfer and Brunfin – and their adventures in the community. It gently promotes, via wonderful illustration and subtle humour, community participation, loving kindness and the importance of being true to yourself. Proceeds from every sale go to the Brun Bear Foundation, a charity set up by the author which supports a mix of community, animal welfare and medical charities. The book has proved an international sensation and is delighting the young – and young at heart – all over the world…

Teddy’s Wish will receive £2.00 per book sold.

To order your copy today, please click here

About The Brun Bear Foundation:

The Brun Bear Foundation was established by Edwin in memory of his father.

It exists to promote the values that were important to his father – community participation, kindness and being true to yourself – and charities and causes his father held dear.These include medical charities, community projects, animal welfare, and childhood development at home and abroad.