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Baby Loss Package

It's impossibly hard for friends and family to know what to say or what to do when someone close to them loses a baby. Our care packages have been designed in partnership with Don't Buy Her Flowers to let parents know that someone cares
and is thinking of them.


We set up Teddy’s Wish to give hope, help and support to other grieving families and to fund research into the causes of baby loss. As a small, volunteer-run charity, we’re driven by doing something meaningful in Edward’s honour. Our vision is that in the future, there will be no more grieving parents of tiny, perfect babies. Together with your support and generosity, we believe that vision is achievable. 

A gift from us

Teddy's Wish sends out care packages free of charge to recently bereaved parents to let them know that they are not alone.

There are two beautifully-packaged gifts to choose between:


'The Book Package' includes a copy of Ask Me His Name, written by our patron Elle Wright, a box of Teapigs Everyday Brew and Love & Peace scented tea lights.

'The Tea Package' includes an Ecoffee reusable cup, triple choc chunk biscuits and a box of Teapigs Every Day Brew


A gift from you


If you know someone who has recently lost a baby, you can purchase the Baby Loss Package directly from Don't Buy Her Flowers here.


For each package they sell, Don't Buy Her Flowers will donate 5% to Teddy's Wish to help us advance our cause. 

Get Help

No parent should ever suffer the loss of a child. Those that do will need love and support to give them the strength to live their life again.

Get Involved

Take part in a challenge or join us at one of our events. By choosing to fundraise for us, you're helping continue to fund vital research into the causes of baby loss and support grieving families.


Teddy’s Wish raises funds for potentially life saving research into SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome), neonatal death and stillbirth and supports grieving families

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