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Bereavement Counselling

At Teddy's Wish, we believe that all parents should have access to high quality support, following the death of their baby. This is vital in making the first tentative steps towards rediscovering hope.


We set up Teddy’s Wish to give hope, help and support to other grieving families and to fund research into the causes of baby loss. As a small, volunteer-run charity, we’re driven by doing something meaningful in Edward’s honour. Our vision is that in the future, there will be no more grieving parents of tiny, perfect babies. Together with your support and generosity, we believe that vision is achievable. 

Supporting Parents

Losing a child to SIDS, stillbirth or neonatal death is devastating and traumatic. All families suffer extreme and bewildering emotions.

As our Patron Jenni Thomas so eloquently said, “there is no wrong response, everything a parent feels is the most natural of responses to the most unnatural of events”.

Following the loss of a child, parents may find themselves feeling isolated because friends and family members are unable to fully empathise and understand the pain and depth of the loss.

Grieving parents find it hard to make sense of the world around them and suffer post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Left unchecked, parents can experience ongoing and painful repercussions long after the loss of their child.


Teddy's Wish funds a counselling support service, which is free of charge to parents who have lost a baby to stillbirth (from 24 weeks), neonatal death or SIDS. The counselling sessions are for parents who are in the early months of their grief, up until 18 months post loss . All of our counsellors are BACP accredited. We also work in partnership with other baby loss charities to provide bereavement support for families to give parents the strength they need to rebuild their life again. 


Celine Pearson,
Clinical Lead & Bereavement Counsellor

Celine Pearson worked in the NHS for over 35 years and has a BSc Hons in Nursing with Oncology from the Royal Marsden Hospital and Royal College of Nursing.

Over the last 20 years, she has built up extensive experience in palliative care and bereavement support for families and individuals.


Celine is a qualified counsellor, experienced at working with parents who have experienced SIDS, stillbirth and neonatal death. She also has experience working with bereaved siblings.

Paula Abramson,
Bereavement Counsellor

Paula is a qualified counsellor and training facilitator, specialising in providing bereavement support to families and training for professionals, following the death of a baby or child. 


Paula worked for more than ten years in the NHS, providing support to families and professionals.  She was also appointed as bereavement counsellor for the Wandsworth Child Death Overview Panel, the first role of its kind in England.


Erica Stewart,
Bereavement Counsellor

Erica is a qualified counsellor, and a training and support group facilitator. She has over 25 years specialist knowledge and experience, working for a leading charity supporting bereaved parents and families when their baby or child has died. 

As part of her role as Bereavement Support and Awareness Specialist, Erica delivered Bereavement Care training to NHS health

professionals and various mental health agencies.


Erica has also worked as an advisor to writers and researchers for popular TV drama’s that portrayed the death of a baby.

Siobhan Poole,
Bereavement Counsellor

Siobhan is a former midwife and has been a qualified counsellor for over 16 years, having gained her masters degree in psychotherapy at the CCPE in London.


Siobhan believes that our physical, emotional and spintual aspects to ourselves are inextricably linked and considers all of these factors in her work. She also has experience of working with other bereaved parents at a previous neonatal loss charity and specialises in working with trauma.

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Naomi Landau,
Bereavement Counsellor

Naomi has been a qualified counsellor for 18 years and gained a masters degree in integrative psychotherapy from the Minster Centre in 2012. She has worked for several charities as well as in private practice. She has also been a trustee of a charity supporting women and men experiencing anxiety or depression in the perinatal period.


In addition to working with bereaved parents after the death of a baby, she has considerable experience of working with clients going through fertility treatment. She has worked for a number of years as a therapist for a charity where many clients have experienced complex trauma.

Get Help

No parent should ever suffer the loss of a child. Those that do will need love and support to give them the strength to live their life again.

Get Involved

Take part in a challenge or join us at one of our events. By choosing to fundraise for us, you're helping continue to fund vital research into the causes of baby loss and support grieving families.


Teddy’s Wish raises funds for potentially life saving research into SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome), neonatal death and stillbirth and supports grieving families

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