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A Child's Dream

A herd of customised elephants descended at designjunction2015 in September as part of the second installation of 'A Child's Dream'. The elephants were painted, patterned, and accessorised by 21 world-renowned designers and architects who added their personal touch to the iconic Eames Elephants - donated by Vitra.

All 21 Elephants were then put to a live online auction to raise funds and awareness for Teddy’s Wish and raised an astonishing £9,500 for the charity.

We were delighted to be designjunction's chosen charity for the second year running. We are also immensely grateful to Vitra for donating the elephants and to the designers for donating their time and creativity to our special cause.

Designers included fashion maestro Zandra Rhodes; industrial designer Sir Kenneth Grange – famed for his designs for Kodak, and the TXI London taxi; furniture designers Terence Woodgate, Lee Broom and Russell Pinch and others. Each designer, invited to personalise an elephant, created a unique version to reflect their individual passions.

Elephants never forget - nor do bereaved parents.


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