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Fetal Movements Study

Funded in partnership with Sands and Tommy’s, this study examines the cost-effectiveness of a package of care for pregnant women with reduced movements. It builds upon the work of AFFIRM, a study that Teddy’s Wish part-funded in 2015, which tested whether the number of stillbirths is reduced by this package of care.

Led by Dr Elizabeth Camacho, this project is designed to increase awareness of the importance of fetal movements among pregnant women. That’s because a reduction in a baby’s movements during pregnancy can be a warning sign, indicating problems. The project will estimate the costs of providing a focused care package to pregnant women with reduced moments versus the cost of interventions such as scans or induction of labour, which may be used more or less as a consequence of the care package. The study will explore how much it might cost to roll out the package of care across the NHS and how many stillbirths could be prevented at that scale.

Teddy’s Wish have contributed £7,500


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