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Sands AFFIRM Project

We are delighted to announce we are supporting Sands with a new project to help improve the way information about a baby’s movements is shared with pregnant women.

In pregnancy, a change in a baby’s movement patterns can sometimes be a signal of problems developing. Midwives and mum-to-be, need to be able to have conversations about fetal movements, and any potential risks, without causing undue worry or confusion.

The project will aim to support conversations that are clear, straightforward, and evidence-based, whilst also remaining reassuring. Good communication is vital to ensure the right advice and information is understood across diverse groups.

This project follows on from a previous, large research trial in 2019, also supported by Teddy's Wish and Sands called AFFIRM. The trial looked at the effect of raising awareness of baby’s movements, and putting in place a package of care for women who report reduced movements.

The study found that the care package lowered stillbirth rates, though not by enough to be completely certain that it was caused by the care package rather than by chance.

You can read more about this project here

Pregnant women should contact their midwife or maternity unit straight away if they have any concerns about a change in their baby’s movements, especially after 28 weeks of pregnancy.

We hope our new project will help in the communication of clear, accessible, supportive information for pregnant women.

Teddy's Wish have contributed £5,000


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