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The Other Mothers Podcast

The Other Mothers podcast has been created with Teddy's Wish patrons Elle Wright and Caro Tasker.

After a conversation with Jen, Elle and Caro, we decided that we wanted to create another free resource for bereaved parents, hopefully something that felt like having a chat with a friend over coffee. It is a place where we openly chat about all things that we have had to experience since losing our sons - touching on subjects and scenarios that every bereaved parent will have walked through.

Though all our experiences are different, we have found each other as friends and we are united in our loss. We all lost our first sons: Freddie, Eddie and Teddy to premature birth and death, SIDS and neonatal death.

We have also invited guests on to the podcast to share their experience too. Our hope is that not only will bereaved parents find comfort in listening to other people's stories, The Other Mothers podcast will be a resource for friends, family and health professionals too.

You can listen on all the major platforms or by clicking on the link here

About the hosts:

Caro Tasker runs The Spikey, a neurodivergent space/community as an autistic ally and educator. An ardent ambassador for neonatal research in memory of her son Freddie, the funds raised so far have made one of the biggest impacts on preterm labour in almost 60 years.

Caro can be found on instagram as @spikey.

Elle Wright is a blogger and The Sunday Times Bestselling author of Ask Me His Name and A Bump In the Road. Writing about the loss of her son, Teddy, who died at 3 days old in 2016, Elle has been instrumental in opening up the conversation around pregnancy and child loss to the media. You can find her writing at or as @feathering_the_empty_nest on Instagram where she shares life, loss, laughs and much more.

Jen Reid is the Co-Founder of Teddy's Wish, a charity that funds potentially life-saving research into the causes of baby loss and provides bereavement counselling for grieving families. The charity was set up by Jen and her husband Chris in July 2014 to honour the memory of their baby boy Eddie who they lost to SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) when he was only three months old. Jen can be found on instagram as teddys_wish

The Other Mothers Podcast is published by Teddy's Wish

If you are a bereaved parent and would like support or if you have any other questions please feel free to contact us at

If you are interested in sponsoring the podcast please contact


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