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Funding research into

the causes of baby loss.

Providing hope for

grieving families.

We provide care and support for families grieving the loss of a baby and we fund vital research into the causes of SIDS, stillbirth and neonatal death. Our vision is a future where no parents have to suffer the shattering loss of their baby.

Providing hope for grieving families.

Edward Louis Reid was born on 18 January 2014.
Our first baby, he was the brightest light to ever shine in our lives.

Tragically 3 months later on 16 April 2014 he left us, a victim of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), formerly known as Cot Death. This was the most devastating loss imaginable and that light was extinguished.

We have set up Teddy’s Wish to support other grieving families and continue research into the causes behind SIDS, neonatal death and stillbirth.

In short, we want to search for answers and do something meaningful in Edward’s name.


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No parent should ever suffer the loss of a child. Those that do will need love and support to give them the strength to live their life again.

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Take part in a challenge or join us at one of our events. By choosing to fundraise for us, you're helping continue to fund vital research into the causes of baby loss and support grieving families.


Teddy’s Wish raises funds for potentially life saving research into SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome), neonatal death and stillbirth and supports grieving families

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Teddy's Wish will also work with other charities, projects and bereavement support services
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